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When it comes to food we all know that cats can be the fussiest animal on the planet  so we  will always try to feed your cat with the same food that you feed them.
You name it, and either we have got it or we will get it!

Typical Brands that we always have in stock

Royal Canin
Hills Science Plan
Country Hunter
James Wellbeloved

You are more than welcome to provide your own food but bear in mind that there will be no reduction in cost.
If you request a food that is not generally available or a raw food diet then we can provide it but the Dietary Supplement add-on will be charged but ideally we ask that you provide any bespoke type food yourself.
If your cat is on a Veterinary prescribed diet then you must provide this food and enough for your cat’s stay.



Our standard feeding regime is as follows:

8am-10am  – Breakfast – Fresh water, wet food & dry food  – left there throughout the day.

5pm-6:30pm -TeaTime  – Wet food, dry food top up & Fresh water – left in Chalet overnight together with topped up dry food for nibbles.


Cat treats – included unless otherwise instructed:

All cats will usually get one to two treats a day 

Arden Grange
Good Girl
Milk if requested