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Once we have been up and running for a while you will be able to buy the following products from our onsite shop:

Cat Food
Cat Litter
Cat Toys
Cat Novelties

Most kind people place their cats in catteries whilst they go on holiday so why get stressed out buying souvenirs and carrying them home in your hand luggage when you can have them waiting for you when you pick up your cat!
As a bit of a cheat we could also print your holiday destination on some of the gifts – shhhh!

We will provide the following gift purchases ready for you when you collect your cat:

Key rings with picture of your cat
Mugs with picture of your cat
Calendar with Pictures of your cat
Pen with Picture/name of your cat
Framed Artist sketch of your cat
Framed Artist watercolour of your cat
Framed photo of your cat
Bag for life with a picture of your cat

… and don’t worry – we will even take the photos for you!

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