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It is the owner’s responsibility to provide proof that any cat to be boarded at Goosehill Cattery has up to date vaccinations and in particular a vaccination for intestinal feline enteritis and a cat flu vaccination such as the Nobivac Tricat Trio. Failure to do so on or before the day of arrival will result in the cat to be boarded being turned away and the full boarding fee will be payable.

If your cat is on any special medical diet then it is your responsibility to provide the correct quantity of food for the boarding period; (there will be no reduction in fee for providing your own food).

New customers with no booking history are required to pay a 50% deposit of the full amount due within 48hrs of receipt of the booking confirmation. Failure to do so gives the Cattery the right to cancel the booking.

If your cat requires medication then it is your responsibility to provide the correct quantity of medication for the boarding period; (there will be no extra charge for administering the medication but if there is insufficient medication to cover the full boarding period then Goosehill Cattery reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £25 to cover the cost of sourcing and obtaining said medication).

If, for any reason, we need to take you cat to your vets then we will make every effort to contact you or your emergency contact prior to the visit unless we deem it as an emergency. There is small admin charge of £25 to cover petrol and staff costs. By agreeing these T&C’s you authorise us to act on your behalf for medical attention in the interests of your cat 

Cancellation fees
less than 48hrs before check-in – 100% of full booking fee
less than 7 days before check-in– 50% of full booking fee
more than 7 days before check-in – no charge.

If you reduce the length of stay of your cat(s) in less than 7 days before your check-in date then there will be no reduction in the original fee.

If you are boarding more than one cat and you request a shared Chalet then you must be satisfied that the cats can tolerate each other and that they can board amicably. Any losses or injuries occurring as a result of the behaviour of cats sharing a chalet that do not ‘get on’ will not be covered by our insurance and, if we are forced to separate them into separate chalets, you will be accountable for the extra costs involved. (note: If there are no spare chalets available then we will accommodate them in our isolation units).


In agreeing these terms and conditions you permit Goosehill Cattery to contact you by email with reference to your bookings, account and any offers that may be available at the Cattery. Goosehill Cattery respects your right to privacy and Data Protection; none of your details will be passed to any third parties for the purposes of marketing or any other reason unless you instruct us to do so.

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