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Care, Custody and Control of Animals – Our Insurance will cover the following:
• Cover for such costs as; veterinary fee costs for conditions arising whilst an animal is boarded in Goosehill Cattery and/or illness arising within 72 hours of the animal’s departure.
Payment of boarding fees up to the prearranged date of departure and replacement value of an animal in the event of death whilst in the care of Goosehill Cattery

• Cover for loss by theft or straying, advertising and reward and animals in transit is all available.
Maximum benefit per animal is:
• Veterinary Fees £1,500
• Death Benefit £1,500
• Loss by Theft or Straying £1,500
• Advertising and Reward £350
• Animals in Transit £2,000

What our Insurers do NOT cover

• Any veterinary fee and/or death benefit as a result of any veterinary condition that was present before the animal commenced boarding or quarantine at Goosehill Cattery.
• Any death benefit if death is certified by the attending Veterinary Surgeon as due to natural causes or old age.
• Any benefit for an injury or illness deliberately caused by the insured, their employees or any member of the insured’s family.
• Any benefit if any animal is lost, killed or injured whilst not in the care, custody or control of the insured and in connection with the insured’s business.
• More than the maximum benefit per animal.
• An excess of £50 each and every claim in respect of Animals in Transit.

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