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At Goosehill Cattery we have accommodation for up to 40 cats. There are singles, doubles and a family Chalet available.
Coming Soon… The Pondside Pagoda Penthouse Suite for the pampered Puss!


Our Chalets are in runs of up to 10 units each with its own heating and lighting system and secure walkway which utilizes a double entry system to protect against any quick get-aways!
We place a lot of emphasis on the residents safety. Each Chalet run is securely locked on an evening and protected with motion activated security cameras and each one has smoke and interlinked fire alarms.

Most Chalets have what we call a ‘Sea-View’ that means your cat can look out onto the pond area.

Each chalet has a safety grill mesh to its front entrance which allows plenty of fresh air and ventilation for the cats.




That being said, each chalet has its own heated sleeping quarters with a heated basket for use when conditions are cooler.



The Cattery premises are fully fenced/walled around the perimeter and there is a video doorbell entry system to gain access. 



There are two nursing units for cats that are a bit poorly either before or during their stay or are unable to have vaccinations for medical reasons. The Chalets are of the same high standard but they are used to keep cats away from the others in case of airborne infections.


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