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We think we are probably the first cattery to offer a live video feed of their cat’s chalet to customers in the UK if not the world!
We have cameras that are designated for customer access that are linked into our secure CCTV network. We have the facility to give customers restricted access to these cameras.
Apart from us, only you will have access to that camera for the duration of your cat’s stay and you will be given an exclusive password for that duration.


The ARLO cameras are very state-of-the-art cameras with wide angle 1080p resolution, (dependent on your internet connection), and though they are fixed you will be able to pan and zoom in on your cat. They also have infra-red night vision so you can see them during darkness.

You will be able to get audio with your video feed but we are experimenting with utilizing the 2-way audio function of these cameras which will allow you to verbally communicate with your cat so that they can hear you; we think that this could prove very reassuring for your cat as they will realise that you are still around.

How it works

Select the CatCam! option in the appointment section of the online booking form. Select the date and time of your check-in and select the time window as an hour (i.e. if your check-in time is 9am you select 9am-10am)

The CatCam! option will be added to your bill, (a nominal charge of £20 for the full duration of your cat’s stay )

On the day of check-in you will be emailed a link  where you can register for an app, for your mobile tablet or pc, that will be valid for the duration of your cat’s stay.

You can use the link we sent you or the link below to get access, with your exclusive password, to access the feed


Time Restrictions

There may be few small windows where we disable the camera during your cats stay. These are likely to be feeding times, and Chalet cleaning times to protect the privacy rights of staff.



We ask that you don’t keep your link open to CatCam! for long periods, (30mins or more), because these cameras are run on batteries and we wouldn’t want the power to run out whilst you are away meaning you wouldn’t get access.

Remember you will be using your mobile data at your own cost if you are not connected to a free WiFi and abroad this can turn out to be costly!


As this facility has proved so popular and has become an administrative nightmare, to simplify matters any bookings made after 30/10/21 will now just pay one flat fee of £20 no matter what the duration of your stay.

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